By Jack Spencer

Some days I wonder about the mental stability of a vast number of this country’s population. Today is one of those days. I stumbled across this gem and thought it was just too good not too share. I have never quite understood the whole autograph thing. Obviously, to this woman, someone’s name scribbled on an item is her entire reason for being. This chick become unhinged after attending a Washington Redskins practice and being unable to come away with an autograph, any autograph. I guess a third string punter who is camp fodder would have done in this case.

What is more disturbing is how this video wound up on YouTube. Did she film herself and then think it would be wise to share her diminished mental capacity with the world? Or, did someone video this without her knowing and wanted to share her idiocy with the world? Either way, this woman really needs to address her priorities in life and seek some sort of counseling.

I really like the kleenex action. Any way, enjoy.




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