By Eric Schmidt

The PGA season is winding down to an end while the NFL season is getting ready to crank up. For the fourth time in five seasons, a new champion has been crowned in the last major of the PGA tour of the season, the PGA Championship. Jason Dufner experienced a fantastic week at Oak Hill but was it really Jason Dufner or was Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford actually playing golf?

Stafford has generated a reputation as a party guy. Dufner walked off the course and gave a woman, reported as his wife, a very firm ass grab for all the viewers to see. One in the same? Separate? Did Stafford play the final round?

Here is a picture of Matthew Stafford and Jason Dufner. Make your own decision.


Well, it seems as if I did see what I thought I saw after the PGA Championship. Dufner did grab a little booty after winning the tourney. The move spawned an immediate Twitter craze, #Dufnering. While I do not normally cover golf, here are some links to a few articles that have pictures of the infraction that obviously didn’t cost Dufner any strokes. You win the PGA Championship, grab your wife’s ass on national tv and then flip her your wallet and tin of dip, the next step for Jason is the NASCAR circuit.







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  1. avatar Rker

    Who wouldn’t grab that ass lucky man, wife has great booty


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