By Jack Spencer

With the 2013 NFL regular season just around the corner, FOX Sports announced their lineup of broadcast teams for the upcoming year. There are no major changes, but a few new faces have been added. The top tier group, which lands the duties of working the week’s top game for the network remains just as it was last season.

1- Joe Buck, Troy Aikman and Pam Oliver working the sidelines. I have never been a fan of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman has grown on me. If Joe Buck and Phil Simms ever teamed up, I honestly would watch the game with the sound off while trying to find a radio stream online.

2- Kenny Albert, Daryl (Moose) Johnston and Tony Siragusa. The Moose and Goose show returns for another season.

3- Thom Brennaman, Brian Billick and Laura Okmin. I am in the minority here, I like Billick. I am a fan of the work he’s done over the years on the NFL Network and wonder why his name is never associated with coaching gigs. Perhaps he’s been out of the game too long.

4- Kevin Burkhardt, John Lynch and Erin Andrews. Hmm, FOX dumped all that money into Andrews’ contract and she’s working with the fourth squad? Yeah, I get it, she does college football as well but I am not a fan of her work at all. Too much hype. Lynch is a solid announcer which gets little credit. Burkhardt also works for SNY and does Mets games and enters the booth with a lot of fanfare.

5- Chris Myers, Tim Ryan and Jennifer Hale- Hale is an anchor in New Orleans on WVUE Fox 8.

6- Dick Stockton, Ronde Barber and Kris Budden- I watched Stockton and Barber work the Ravens Buccaneers game on WFLA out of Tampa. It was Barber’s first broadcast, but he has room to grow. He kept referring to the Buccaneers as “us” and “we”. I realize he played there for 16 seasons but here’s to hoping he loses the homerism during broadcasts. Here’s to hoping that Ronde has a little more class than his brother on air as well. Remember Tiki dropping the C word on Jenna Wolfe while on air?

7- Sam Rosen, Heath Evans and Molly McGrath- It seems as if Rosen has been around since the days of ABC’s Wide World of Sports. Evans is a regular on the NFL Network and not bad. McGrath is a new hire and will also be working on FOX Sports new 24/7 network FS1. Not familiar with her work, but certainly easy on the eyes.




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