By Eric Schmidt

On my last stop in the AFC, I am making my predictions for the AFC South. Two years ago, this was a runaway division for the Houston Texans. Not so much any more. QB Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts brought a resurgent nemesis to the Texans last season. I give the nod to the Texans as having what I consider to be the best defense in the AFC but the offense is in question. RB Arian Foster is already in question health-wise. WR Andre Johnson is getting longer in the tooth. Is Matt Schaub just another version of Trent Dilfer V 2.0?

I like the Colts to win this division in 2013. It will not be a runaway by any stretch of the imagination. Houston and Indy both play four games against the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Tennessee Titans. I’m giving the nod to the Colts because of Andrew Luck and some speedy wide receivers that the Texans do not have. Houston has had a great defense the last few seasons and have not been able to advance in the post-season. They will post a solid defensive unit again this year, but this offense needs to score points.

Tennessee might have rebuilt their offensive line in the offseason, and while that might benefit fantasy football owners of Chris Johnson,that isn’t going to translate into reality football wins. QB Jake Locker is a bust. Ryan Fitzpatrick is starting by week 10.

Jacksonville. Blaine Gabbert. Chad Henne. I don’t know what else is left to say. This is the worst franchise in the NFL at this time. Start sending the hate mail. I’d like to root for the Jaguars, I live in Florida, but you are the worst professional franchise in the state. Period.

2013 AFC South Predictions:

Indianapolis Colts 10-6

Houston Texans 10-6

Tennessee Titans 6-10

Jacksonville Jaguars 3-13

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