By Eric Schmidt

Despite thorwing two late touchdown passes in the Patriots final pre-season game, the team is reportedly releasing the southpaw signal caller this afternoon in a move to reach the league mandated 53-man limit. ESPN’s Adam Schefter was the first to report the news via Twitter this afternoon.

The move by the Patriots to acquire Tebow as a free agent was a curious one at best this offseason. New England does make some player moves that are questionable and knowing that the team usually rolls in the regular season with just two quarterbacks, made the decision odd.

Perhaps the team thought that they could fine tune Tebow’s awkward deliver motion and reap some rewards after the preseason by possibly trading him. Tebow did not look sharp in the games which he appeared.

The Patriots were perhaps the best fit for Tebow to continue his development, while under the eye of offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady. That formula did not work out so well.

Immediate speculation surrounding Tebow moving to tight end started just hours after the team released TE Aaron Hernandez, but the Patriots were steadfast with their decision to bring him in only as a quarterback.

For the millions of Tebow supporters out there, it is now a realistic time to think about the possibility his NFL career could be over. His hometown Jacksonville Jaguars wanted nothing to do with him while Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne are competing for the starting quarterback job. He was never going to more than a backup on the Patriots roster, and now, according to Schefter, he’s unemployed.

He was able to overcome his passing deficiencies in college, but not at the Pro level. He’s now worked with three different professional coaching staffs, and his weaknesses are glaring. He has been steadfast in his desire to continue as a quarterback in the league, vocally opposing a position change, but he is clearly running out of opportunities to fulfill that desire.

It was an interesting run with the Denver Broncos a few seasons ago, but we might well have witnessed the end of Tim Tebow in the NFL at quarterback last Thursday night.





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  1. avatar Bobo

    His unwillingness to accept the fact he is not cut from NFL QB cloth is his own undoing. How many great high school or mid level college QB’s eventually get converted to outstanding runners or receivers in the NFL every year. So Timmy boy goes to a big school, tells all the cheerleaders he’s a virgin and becomes a motivational speaker. Tim. You motivated me to tell you how much you suck at quarterback. You have a lot of talent if you want to channel it the right way. You already made it to the big time Timmy Boy…..up to you now if you stay. You shouldn’t give up the chance to play professional football that God gave you because your head is stuck up your ass.


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