By Eric Schmidt

I’ve been following this story for two years now. Those on the left side of American politics simply cannot let the issue of the NFL team based in Washington being named the Redskins go. This is perhaps the most important issue facing this Nation currently. (a touch of sarcasm injected). has been railing on this issue, especially so after being bought up by the corporate interest at NBC and furthering their political agenda. Just about every article regarding the “potential” Redskins name change is written by attorney Mike Florio, the microscopic NFL pundit and blogger who sold out to corporate. Interesting how Florio recently lashed out at Mike Silver after he disputed a report about Brandon Lloyd and the Patriots and how Silver sold out to the man.  Silver now works for the NFL Network but Florio suggests, he’s working for “The Man”.

Florio decides to further the discussion about the movement to change the name of the Redskins this afternoon by finding comments from a cast member of a popular show during an interview. A cast member of the AMC series Breaking Bad. Jonathan Banks. grabbed this interview from the with Banks comments. Banks is referenced to making these comments during the interview. “A Washington Redskins fan, but you know, we gotta change the name, dude. Even if there are two American Indians out there that don’t want to be called Redskins. Just change the name.”

Banks was born in Washington D.C. but lives in Philadelphia.

You know what Mr. Banks, I could give a rat’s ass less what your opinion on the Redskin’s name is or should be. I had to Google your name to see even who you were. I don’t watch your show or any of the other mind numbing BS that’s broadcast on television these days. I need to hear societal input from a person that stars on a show which is based on people cooking meth?

I give two shits about you and your left wing bleeding heart while being politically correct Mr. Banks. No doubt you will show up on the other leftist platforms that refused to use the word Redskins in the coming weeks. Can we see interviews with Rolling Stone, Mother Jones and Slate on the horizon?

Good God almighty man, this is the biggest issue facing America? It seems to be in certain media outlets. And they will not relent.







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