By Eric Schmidt

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers made a decision to move on from veteran QB Josh Freeman on Wednesday. Freeman was benched in favor of rookie Mike Glennon out of North Carolina State. It didn’t take long for supporters of Freeman to start calling for head coach Greg Schiano to be fired. It took just a few more hours for the call of the Buccaneers to bring in free agent QB Tim Tebow.

Stop it. Stop it right now. Tim Tebow is a tremendous athlete, he has great leadership skills, but he is not an NFL quarterback. Period. He is not coming to Tampa Bay. I’d rather have Josh Freeman back under center than Tebow.

I understand the Bay area is filled with many University of Florida fans. Treasure Island is home to the world’s largest Gator bar, appropriately named, Gators.

I’m not buying the argument that he would put fans in the seats. Sure, he might for a few games, but when the team continued to lose with him in the lineup, the empty seats would return.

Tebow supporters seem to feel as if there is a NFL-wide conspiracy to keep him out of the league. He is keeping himself out of the league. He continues to believe that he is a starting quarterback in the league and refuses to change positions.

Seriously, if Tebow was a quality starting quarterback in the league, why wouldn’t the Jacksonville Jaguars bite on him? If the coaching staff and front office of the Jaguars simply believed that Tebow couldn’t beat out Blaine Gabbert or Chad Henne, then what makes anyone believe that Tebow should come to Tampa?

Anyone in the NFL could have him right now, no one wants him. Period. The only offers on the table for Tebow are from a football team in Moscow and an arena league team owned by the rock band KISS.

There are some very bright minds in the NFL, yet no organization wants him, even as a developmental player. He has worked with three different offensive coordinators and quarterback coaches. No one has been able to improve his delivery or his completion percentage.

Tebow was a great story in 2011. He was entertaining to watch. Yes, he won a playoff game. But that was as far as his career will go. It’s not a knock on him as a human being, he’s of the highest character. There have been some great high character players that excelled in college football but couldn’t translate their game to the NFL.

Tampa is moving forward with the quarterback they drafted in the 2013 draft. Glennon has a 13 game audition for next season. Tim Tebow is not coming to Tampa. He is not part of the plans, if he had been, the team would have brought him in prior to the start of training camp.

The minions of Tebow supporters need to come to grips with the fact that Tebow’s NFL career is likely over.




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  1. avatar taylor


  2. avatar Ty

    Write about something else Eric Schmidt. You are the minion. Tebow games had record tv ratings. Also, have someone edit your article before you post it “No one has been able to improve his delivery, his completion percentage or his delivery.” You lose credibility as an intelligent sports writer with mistakes like this.

    • avatar Eric Schmidt

      Do you even know the definition of a minion? And it’s not a cartoon character in a Pixar animation. Minon- An obsequious follower or dependent; a sycophant. Pretty much sums up a large part of the Tebow following.

      • avatar Ty

        Correct. You are a follower of the haters. Stop hating already. Glad you edited your mistake too. Nice work.

        • avatar Eric Schmidt

          You Tebow lovers are unreal. Please tell me where I hate Tebow in the article I posted. I believe I called him out as having the highest character, a great leader, but he simply doesn’t have what it takes to play in the NFL? Let’s see, he was 11 of 28 for 145 yards in three preseason games with two interceptions and two touchdowns. When he appeared in games for the Patriots, it was garbage time, he was playing against young men that are no longer in the league and he still couldn’t complete 50% of his passes. He was 1 of 7 for -1 yards against the Buccaneers. I do not hate Tim Tebow, but his career in the NFL is most likely over, get over it.

          • avatar Dave

            You don’t have to say you hate him, your tone says it all Mr. Schmidt! No objectivity what so ever! If given the opportunity with some mentoring time (not just a few pre season games) Tim Tebow would be a good Quaterback.

          • avatar Ty

            Schmitty, do you like Tebow or not? Answer honestly. If you like him then why would you write an article against him? If you liked him, regardless of what you think of his football abilities, you would leave him alone. That’s why you are a hater. A minion hater.

    • avatar Eric Schmidt

      The record tv ratings were for a playoff game played between the Steelers and Broncos.
      Just a memo, the NFL in the last few seasons has become vastly successful and is enjoying record viewership. Any post-season game draws huge numbers. Of course his playoff game drew large numbers, he was all anyone in sports media was talking about at the time. How did he increase Jets ratings last year?

      • avatar Dbom

        Well seeing as Rex had a man crush on Sanchez and kept Tebow on the bench (NO MATTER WHAT)…I’m not sure Tebow could have helped ratings…

  3. avatar GUS


    • avatar whentz

      No Tebow, no football for me!

  4. avatar Don

    You will never know what Tebow could have done for a Florida team if he’s not given a chance. He did well for Denver. Read the stats my friend.

    • avatar Eric Schmidt

      And the stats would be what exactly?

      • avatar Forrest

        Really Schmidt? who has given tebow the time of day? no one so what he was not that good in a preseason game those don’t matter he has been trained and mentored by greats and yet everyone talks badly about him. why is that? tebow can change do you just think that every qb comes into the league and shines? for god’s sake Matt Flynn had one big game and everybody was claiming how good he was and where is he at now?
        and another thing why do wide receivers cry so much about how tebow don’t throw enough? there still getting paid win or lose and if tebow wins the game who cares. he was thrown in a shitty situation with the jets and was called crappy by patriots fans. and the reason no one will give tebow a chance is if they have a starting qb whos great they don’t want tebows fans screaming for him to start. i mean come on i’m not a tebow fan per say but i know the is a conspiracy against tebow

  5. avatar Eric Schmidt

    The New England Patriots, the team that found Tom Brady, signed Tim Tebow in the offseason. Bill Belichick and his coaching staff, which has Josh McDaniels as offensive coordinator on it decided to release Tebow. McDaniels, as the head coach of the Denver Broncos, who moved back into the first round to select Tebow,most likely agreed with the decision to let him go. Now three coaching staffs, three general managers, and three QB coaches have all decided to let him move on. All those professionals are wrong, and all of you Tebow supporters are correct? Maybe you should pool your money and buy your own team.

    • avatar Heezzi

      Two of those teams have HOF QBs. One of which hasn’t had 3 QBs on roster in the regular season in the last 5 years.

      • avatar Eric Schmidt

        In case you weren’t aware, Tebow was a member of the Broncos before Peyton Manning was brought in. I guess John Elway and John Fox know nothing about talent.

        • avatar KT

          Eric, you’re so stupid. If Peyton Manning is free agent now and he said he want to play in any of the Florida teams, they would make him a starter immediately. We all know what Peyton can do and that’s why he can get the job so easily. We saw a glimpse of what Tebow can/might do but we don’t know for sure. As you can see Freeman isn’t the guy in Tampa. They gave him a try, why can’t they give Tebow a try? If you are saying Tebow can’t throw at all, then neither can Josh Freeman. Since he’s been with the Bucs, his completion rate isn’t that much higher.

          I am not just picking on the Bucs because Jags are just as bad. What’s the big deal giving a guy that might have a chance of winning? It’s not like you guys are going to a Superbowl anytime soon. Heck maybe if they do sign Tebow, they might make the playoffs!!!


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