By Eric Schmidt

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is really wanting to stake his claim as a revolutionary, leading the NFL into a new world order of the NFL. He has been unabashedly supportive of expansion of the league to London, openly speaking on placing a franchise or even a Super Bowl across the pond. This past week, the league announced that there would be three games played in London next year in the dreadful NFL International Series.

Well, if this year’s offerings in the dreadful International Series are any example, the league is not doing their best to offer up the best the league has to offer. The first game featured the winless Minnesota Vikings “hosting” the winless Pittsburgh Steelers.

This afternoon, the fans in London that shelled out big bucks, got to see their “home town” Jacksonville Jaguars get steamrolled. Actually, the Jaguars scored their first “home” touchdown of the season 4300 miles away from where they play their other seven games a year.

The league has a deal with Jacksonville to play a three game series abroad and the Minnesota Vikings agreed to play overseas while they are having a new stadium built. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have played multiple games overseas as well. The St. Louis Rams were initially going to play in London under a multi-year contract, but pulled out after their stadium negotiations became more intense.

The relationship between the owners of the Buccaneers, Rams, and Jaguars? They all own overseas soccer teams.

Prior to tonight’s Sunday night football game between the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings, author, Peter King, threw out the idea that the NFL could play a “full season” in London without actually relocating a team on the other side of the Atlantic. King seems to think that Goodell and the league could eventually play eight “home” games in London during the course of a regular season.

This would be a great idea for baseball, but it doesn’t work for football. In baseball you have 81 road and home games, in football, 8 games that really matter. Unless this is the play Goodell is going to use to backdoor an 18-game season.

Who gets picked as the overseas “home team”? Teams with lackluster attendance? Certainly the Patriots, Giants, Jets, Cowboys, Broncos, Seahawks, Chiefs, Steelers and anyone else that has built a new stadium in recent years will never lose a home game.

Frankly, all the NFL needs to continue doing is sending over horrible matchups and the overseas crowd will lose interest quickly. After a few more years of watching the Jacksonville Jaguars, sellouts will end and the country will return to watching soccer fulltime.




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