By Eric Schmidt

With the Atlanta Falcons watching post season playoff hopes slip away, rumors surfaced recently about the possibility of the team trading future Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez. Gonzalez returned to the Falcons for one last season after contemplating retirement after last year. While still playing at a top level, Gonzalez is watching his offensive playmaking teammates succumb to injury over the last few weeks. Despite the troubles the Falcons are facing on the field, they have no plans on trading Gonzalez this season.

Ian Rapoport reports on Twitter this morning that news. “Amazing there are still questions about this, but one more time: Chiefs are not trading for Tony Gonzalez. The Falcons are not trading him.”

It was first speculated that Gonzalez would be traded to the team that first drafted him in 1997, the Kansas City Chiefs. Gonzalez returned to the league this season for one last shot at reaching the Super Bowl and the prospects for the Falcons reaching that goal are quickly fading while the Chiefs are currently 6-0.




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  1. avatar Samuel

    It’s too early to contemplate trading Tony G. especially if you get a win this week.


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