By Eric Schmidt

The Indianapolis Colts have staked their claim to the AFC South division title after seven weeks into the 2013 regular season. While owning a two game lead over the Tennessee Titans and with the Houston Texans in a downward spiral, the title is within the Colts grasp. However, as the success on the field continues, so do the injuries, the latest being veteran WR Reggie Wayne. Various outlets are reporting this morning that Wayne did suffer a torn ACL injury last night and will miss the rest of the season. Do the Indianapolis Colts now trade for a wide receiver prior to the trade deadline?

The Colts defeated the Denver Broncos in the highly hyped return of Peyton Manning to Lucas Oil Field last night. Second-year quarterback Andrew Luck was overshadowed all week with the return of the future Hall of Famer, Manning. Luck simply outplayed Manning and the Colts have now defeated three serious Super Bowl contenders this season.

Besides handing the Broncos their last defeat of the season, a team that looked unstoppable on offense through the first six weeks, the Colts have handed losses to the San Francisco 49ers and the only loss of the season for the Seattle Seahawks.

Indianapolis shocked the NFL world after trading for RB Trent Richardson, but now, will they trade for another wide receiver prior to the trade deadline on October 29?

This is a Colts team that has lost offensive linemen to injuries along with a tight end and two running backs, the loss of Wayne will be difficult to overcome. Darrius Heyward-Bey and T.Y Hilton are nice pieces of their offense, but neither is the receiver that Wayne has been during his career.

Will the Colts call the Cleveland Browns once again to see if they can secure Josh Gordon? The Browns have stated repeatedly that Gordon is not on the trade block, but, for the right price, who knows. For the Colts, surrendering draft picks for Gordon might be a solid move. True, he is flirting with a possible season long suspension if he fails another drug test, but he is a serious talent on the field, and who wouldn’t want out of Cleveland?

There is Hakeem Nicks in New York. The Giants are out of post-season contention with another loss and Nicks will be a free agent in the offseason. After re-signing Victor Cruz, the Giants have other needs on the roster and likely won’t offer Nicks a new contract, tying up serious salary cap money in two receivers.

The Colts have proven that they can defeat some of the best teams in the league this season. They need to pull the trigger on another trade and try to replace Reggie Wayne.




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  1. avatar Tim Shaw

    Before the 2013 draft the Colts invited draft prospect WR Robert Woods for a visit and I read a report that they try to trade down with their #1 pick to select him in the early part of the second round; so maybe the Colts will contact the Buffalo Bills about trading for Robert Woods?

  2. avatar Teddy Mexico

    Tim –

    Robert Woods? Not likely. He appears to be EJ Manuel’s favorite WR target, and they seem to have chemistry. I highly doubt they would want to trade him.

    At this point I think it would be wise to get someone with at least a year or two experience in the NFL.

  3. avatar Mick

    Nicks or gordon are young enough to be reggies future replacement in a few years. make a trade man.

  4. avatar frank nitty

    How about kenny britt i know it a trade in the division but he only makes around 650,000 the salary is just right for the colts and the payy off could be big!

  5. avatar eddie

    I don’t think the colts can fix this problem internally. Hilton quite possibly is the best slot wr in the nfl if not for sure top 5 slot an heyward bey is just not consistent enough. Brazil is not their yet because his.lack of experience added on with my belief he just doesn’t possess the skills to be a number 1 and griff whalen is not a number 1 too. So with Reggie out defenses will focus more on ty leavinbey and

  6. avatar eddie

    And fleener the job of making big plays and brazil, reed, and whalen to be on the field more then they should be. If we wanna.stay super contendors a trade must be made to aquire a true number 1 and the talk of gordon bein the answer is a joke…. come on. if.the titans were willing britt i believe could flourish bein a huge target although he has trouble with route running and.catching the ball consistently

  7. avatar eddie

    My opinion a move will be made but don’t have your hopes high on landing a top 10 – 20 wr talent unless its cheap. Remember Grigson is an amazing scout for talent and uses the draft to build solid teams. BUTTTT he also finds under appreciated players with something to prove to come play an gives.them a chance with the end result surprisingly turning out well. Whether it be freeman or butler Grigson finds guys an.they make him look like a genius. So I believe an addition will be made but maybe not the one average unintelligent colt fans will love. Remember we still are building our line and defense so bringin in a huge salary wr is tough when that answer could come via the draft next yr. Even the free agents we got this yr were not bonafide studs but filled the need. I see the same move made this yr in the wr position. Austin on the cowboys would b a nice move as.far as talent and low cost to get him also Pierre Garcon would be a nice move too, skins would love to dump his contract an w his familiar relationship w the colts plus colts fans know he can ball when a true pocket passer is throwin too him I think that’d b a great move. Lets not forget Garcon was looked at as Reggies replacement 2 yrs ago before leaving…. maybe he still can be that replacement

  8. avatar rockem812

    What about golden tate? He will be a free agent next year. Why not pick him up early?


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