By Eric Schmidt

With the Jacksonville Jaguars struggling offensively and arguably the worst team in professional football currently, a report has surfaced this morning that suggests the team might be on the verge of signing hometown favorite Tim Tebow. The gossip site, reports this morning, that according to their source with knowledge of the team, Tebow could be signed this week.

I am not seeing this report anywhere else on the internet and I’m not seeing it being reported by any of the beat writers and insiders that I follow on Twitter but it makes sense. Jacksonville has nothing to lose at this point. Blaine Gabbert is horrible. There is a strong following of Tebow supporters that would love for the team to bring him in.

At this rate, attendance is going to continue to fall. The team is painful to watch. As Terez suggests, the move is about selling merchandise and his supporters will turn out to support him.

For Tebow, this is also a good opportunity. As his supporters suggest, he’s been handed a raw deal everywhere he’s gone in the league. This will be an opportunity for him to demonstrate whether he belongs in the NFL or not, if the team is in fact looking to bring him in.

Jacksonville’s front office repeatedly denied any interest in Tebow this offseason so I wonder if this report is pure speculation or a rumor that actually has some legs.

Tebow should not pass up this opportunity, this might be his last chance to prove his abilities as a starting quarterback in the NFL if the report is actually true. When a NFL has to give away free beer in order to buy tickets, adding a hometown hero to the roster might be wise business move.





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