By Eric Schmidt

While there is much speculation about where former Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman might land, why not throw another team into the mix, the San Francisco 49ers. Why not? Freeman is linked with rumors to possibly be headed to the Bay area with the connection between himself and Raiders offensive coordinator Greg Olsen. Why wouldn’t the Niners be interested?

Would they pass because of their stellar roster behind Colin Kaepernick? That would be pop gun armed Colt McCoy and former Arizona Cardinals QB John Skelton.

Chances are, Kaepernick isn’t going down for the season, being a massive quarterback, but he does run a lot and there is always the possibility of a knee injury. If he does suffer an injury, McCoy and Skelton don’t have the mobility that Kaepernick has and the already confined San Francisco offense due to injuries will become even more conservative.

Looking at the resume, Freeman has more career starts and has put up better numbers than either of the backups to Kaepernick.

While Freeman might just turn out to be a 12 game rental as a free agent this season, Jim Harbaugh does work well with quarterbacks. Alex Smith comes to mind nearly immediately. Prior to Harbaugh’s arrival, Smith was getting ready to be labeled with the dreaded “B” word- bust. Smith led the Niners to the playoffs in 2011 and is now managing games for the 4-0 Kansas City Chiefs.

Freeman possess a big arm, but has struggled with consistency. Maybe they sign him to a two-year deal, Harbaugh turns him around and then they trade him after 2014. He is a former first-round pick that has shown glimpses of NFL talent.

For the right price, why not take a chance on a quarterback that has more career starts, yardage and touchdowns than both of your other backups combined? The rest of the NFL was ready to give up on Alex Smith, just as much of the NFL seems ready to give up on Josh Freeman. Is this a perfect fit?





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