By Eric Schmidt

The Philadelphia Eagles routed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-20 on Sunday with Nick Foles turning in an impressive performance while filling in for injured QB Mike Vick. Vick suffered a hamstring injury last week against the New York Giants and Foles replaced him, guiding the Eagles to a victory. Should Nick Foles remain the Philadelphia Eagles QB, even if Mike Vick is healthy and can play next week?

Vick took a pay cut this season in order to remain with the Eagles this season, playing under rookie head coach Chip Kelly. Soon after Kelly was announced as the Eagles new coach, many speculated that Foles would be traded because he wasn’t a mobile quarterback and seemingly didn’t fit into what many believed the Philadelphia offense would look like this season.

Foles has actually proven to be a better manager of Kelly’s offense in limited action this season than Vick. He has completed 38 of 56 passes for 493 yards and five touchdowns. More importantly, no interceptions. Foles also showcased his wheels on Sunday, doing his best Vick impersonation while scrambling for a touchdown as well.

Foles also has demonstrated that he gets rid of the ball quickly while being accurate. His timely release means he has been sacked only twice this season. In comparison, Vick has been sacked 11 times and has three fumbles and two interceptions.

When asked who would be the starter next week, Kelly declined to answer by telling reporters, “I don’t answer hypotheticals”.

Kelly might have an out this week. He could say that Vick really needs another week to rest his hamstring despite the fact that he was named as the Eagles emergency quarterback Sunday in Tampa.

The fact of the matter is that Foles is 24, Vick is 33 an playing under a one-year deal. Foles appears to have a better grasp of this offense. If he starts and has another solid performance Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys, he should remain the starter for the remainder of the season.





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  1. avatar Bill

    Everyone knows what Vick is an average at best qb. It’s time to look to the future and see what Foles can be


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