By Eric Schmidt

With the NFL Trade Deadline looming, all sorts of trade rumors are circulating. No one player has been the center of many of these rumors than Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon. Gordon has 582 yards in six games with three scores after serving a four-game league imposed suspension. He has three 100-yard efforts in those games despite inconsistent quarterback play. The Browns would be crazy to trade Josh Gordon.

The Browns are a team that seems to be in perpetual rebuilding mode with a seeming constant turnover of the coaching staff and front office. The current coaching staff is no different, but with a stockpile of draft picks next season and a key young players already on the roster, there should be no reason to move Gordon.

Quarterback is the key issue in Cleveland and this coaching staff seems set on making a change in the offseason. Yes, Browns fans, it’s likely that the Browns might go yet another direction under center. Jason Campbell isn’t a long-term answer. Brian Hoyer played well, but he’ll be recovering from his knee injury. It should be obvious to all, Brandon Weeden is not the answer, and likely never was.

Gordon does have some baggage. If he fails another drug test, he’ll be suspended from the league for one season and then will have to be reinstated. But what if he keeps to the straight and narrow? He’s signed to a very affordable contract moving forward, making just over $1 million in 2015, the final year of the deal.

Unless the Browns get a king’s ransom for Gordon, it would be foolish to move him. At 6-foot-4 220 pounds, he possess explosive speed and playmaking ability. If the Browns were to let him go, they might search another five years before they find another player with his combination of skills.

He’s proven that he is ready right now to play at the NFL level. They discovered a tight end talent this year in Jordan Cameron. Add a quarterback and a running back, and this team comes around. I understand they moved RB Trent Richardson, but running back has become more of a plug and play position in recent years. They can draft a running back next season. You don’t often get a receiver talent on Gordon’s talent level.




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