By Eric Schmidt

In the latest case of the media really pushing for the Washington Redskins to change their team’s name, the Associated Press waded into those waters on Friday. In an interview with President Obama, the press agency took issue to ask the leader of the United States his thoughts about the name of an NFL franchise.

In case those of you at home have not been following along as to what’s been going on in Washington, there have been a few recent events which carry a little more weight than what the President of the United States thinks about the nickname of a professional sports franchise. And, right on cue, media outlets roll out this story and feign support for this supposed “movement’., a site which has been beating the drums for months with support for a name change of the Redskins added these comments in their column this morning. “Obama did not say he believes the Redskins need to change their name, and he did not suggest that the government should take any action to compel the Redskins to change their name. But the mere fact of the President of the United States suggesting that changing the name might be a good idea shows just how hot a topic this has become.”

How hot this topic has become? Where? Only in certain segments of the media has this become a “hot” topic. Mr. Smith of failed to mention the results of a poll included in the Associated Press story

Despite the controversy, an AP-GfK poll conducted in April showed that nationally, “Redskins” still enjoys wide support. Nearly 4 in 5 Americans don’t think the team should change its name, the survey found. Only 11 percent think it should be changed, while 8 percent weren’t sure and 2 percent didn’t answer.

I talk to a lot of football fans on a regular basis. The current name of the Redskins organization is not really something that’s a hot button issue with fans. I hear chatter about Drew Brees and the record setting pace Peyton Manning is on. The questions surrounding whether or not the Seattle Seahawks can land homefield advantage through the playoffs. What’s happened to the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Giants.

The only questions surrounding the Redskins has to do with their quarterback and their slow start.

The Associated Press should have been a little more focused on issues that are a little more pressing in regards to the country as a whole and not worry about an issue that has been ginned up by certain segments of the media.




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  1. avatar Bobo

    Political correctness not only has put this country on it’s knees it’s on a quest to destroy it. Tradition after tradition being shredded by the “offended” few. This name is copyrighted and trademarked. It has been for a long time when traditions and rivalries meant more than some perceived affront. The Supreme Court refused to hear a lawsuit regarding this matter. I hope Mr.Snyder never buckles in to these disgruntled bunch of Tonto’s. I’m heading back into my tepee, my squaw just fixed me a sammich.


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