By Eric Schmidt

Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles found his way into the NFL record book on Sunday after throwing seven touchdowns and no interceptions in a resounding victory over the Oakland Raiders. Foles has now accounted for 75% of the wins recorded by the Philadelphia Eagles this season. As the team struggles at the quarterback position, who is the real Nick Foles?

The is little doubt that Mike Vick has not been the leader on offense this season that the Eagles envisioned in the offseason. While he’s been struggling with a hamstring injury in recent weeks, when he was on the field, Vick struggled with turnovers and failed to lead the Eagles offense to it’s fullest potential. The other quarterback other than Foles and Vick on the roster, rookie Matt Barkley, has proven that he is simply not ready to play at the NFL level right now.

On several occasions this season, Foles has demonstrated that he has the best capability to run Chip Kelly’s offense. He is an accurate passer that simply does not turn the ball over. In three of his four starts this year, he’s finished with a passer rating no lower than 114.9. It was believed that Vick would be best suited for this offense given his mobility. While Foles doesn’t run like Vick, he has shown an elusiveness in order to extend plays.

His performance on Sunday was exceptional. He finished the afternoon completing over 78% of his passes for 406 yards and seven scores. These weren’t dink and dunk passes either, he had an impressive 14.5 yards per pass attempt average on the day.

Foles has demonstrated a better ability to read defensive coverage than either Barkley or Vick. He manipulates coverage like a seasoned veteran and has an exceptional touch on deep throws.

Foles was named the starter against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after Vick tweaked his hamstring. He responded with an impressive display, throwing for three scores and rushing for another. He looked like the starter moving forward. The next week however, Foles looked as if he’d never played a professional football game in his life. He was wild throwing the football and completed just 11 of 29 passes for a meager 80 yards.

At this point, the Dallas game looks like just a bad game played against a divisional rival. An enigma.

The Eagles have not officially named Foles the starter from this point forward, but even the most casual observer would agree that he makes this offense click. Chip Kelly shouldn’t be concerned about bruising Mike Vick’s ego at this point. The Eagles are just a game behind the Dallas Cowboys for the NFC East division title and giving the team the best chance to win every week for the rest of the season and that’s exactly what Nick Foles does for the Eagles.




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