By Eric Schmidt

The Dallas Cowboys are coming off another embarrassing loss in the month of December. Dallas was unable to force a single punt against the Chicago Bears on Monday night. At this point, the Cowboys defense would have a hard time stopping a Slinky. It looks like another late season collapse is in store for the Boys.

Most teams, with playoff aspirations, like to be playing their best football at this time of the year. In recent years, this is when the Dallas Cowboys decide to take a month off. Since Jason Garrett was named the full-time head coach in 2011, the Cowboys are 3-6 in the month of December, including last Monday’s loss against the Bears.

The Cowboys are quickly becoming a December bettor’s favorite as well. Under Garrett, as a favorite he is 1-5 Against the Spread and 2-4 in home games ATS. On Monday, Dallas allowed 490 or more yards for the fifth time this season. For the second time this year, the Cowboys failed to force another team to punt once- the second time in football history that has been done since 1940 according to Elias sports. Dallas is allowing nearly 5 yards per rush.

The ignorant fans will point to QB Tony Romo. Everything is always his fault. Well, there are about 12 teams around the league that would love to have Tony Romo playing quarterback for them. The problem for the Cowboys is, Romo doesn’t play defense. He doesn’t allow 40-plus points a game or 500 yards of offense.

Monte Kiffin was a ridiculous hire. Yes, he helped the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a Super Bowl Championship with his development of the Tampa-2 scheme. Yes, his inability to adapt the Tampa-2 scheme got Jon Gruden fired in 2008, as the Bucs defense collapsed in the final four games of the year once it was made public that Kiffin was going to join his son in Tennessee. Yes, he sucked at Tennessee and was let go by his son Lane at USC. So was this the answer for the Cowboys this season?

The hardcore Cowboys fans will point to injury issues. Well, every team has injury issues at this time of the season. Just ask the Packers. Ask the Bears. Ask just about any NFL team by week 10 of the season.

It appears that Dallas will miss the playoffs once again this season. It is time that the once proud franchise takes a look at the product from the top down. Jerry Jones might be a brilliant business man, but he knows little about running a football franchise. Step down, get out of the way, and hire people that know what they are doing in the NFL circle.

The Cowboys play in a billion dollar stadium, but they are stuck in mediocrity since in late 1990’s. You can change coaches, you can change players, but one thing has remained constant during that period, Jerry Jones. Nothing will change until Jones decides to relinquish control. America’s Team-destined for mediocrity.

Romo threw three touchdowns and no picks on Monday night. But he had nothing to do with the defense giving up 490 yards and not being able to make one stop for 60 minutes. I just wonder who the Dallas fans will single out once Romo’s career is over, because he’s not the problem.







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