By Eric Schmidt

Mike Vick was considered the best fit for the Philadelphia Eagles offense under first-year head coach Chip Kelly before the start of the season. As the season progressed, Vick continued with a multitude of turnovers and as history suggested, was injured. Nick Foles stepped in and has assumed the role of starter down the stretch for the Eagles and has exploded on the scene.

Foles was considered the odd man out in Kelly’s offense at the start of the season. He wasn’t considered mobile enough but as the season wore on, Foles seemed to blossom in Kelly’s system and has played exceptionally well. He is responsible for turning around the Eagles season and having them right in the mix for an NFC East division title.

Heading into Week 9, the Eagles were floundering at 3-5. Philadelphia’s season rebounded after a visit to Oakland where Foles exploded for seven touchdowns. The Eagles rattled off five straight wins and have won six of their last seven, establishing themselves as the most consistent team in the NFC East in the second half.

Foles is undoubtedly the starter for the 2014 season. In just nine starts this year, Foles has 25 touchdowns to just two interceptions. So what happens to Mike Vick after 2013?

Vick re-worked his contract with the Eagles this past offseason and had every expectation of being the starter. There is little doubt that he would like to be a starter again, but those chances appear slim. Teams such as the Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns, Oakland Raiders, Minnesota Vikings and perhaps the Tennessee Titans, will likely address quarterback needs through the draft.

Despite the fact that there is a very slim free agent class this coming offseason at the quarterback position, Vick could still draw little interest. His perception of his valuation will likely be met with a stark reality that he’s not going to be offered what he believes he’s worth. He earned $7.5 million this season and likely will make half that figure next year. Vick has a long, well-documented injury history and will be 34 in June.

His best opportunity next season might be to simply re-sign with the Eagles since he is already familiar with the offense. He might get a spot start here or there if something happens to Foles, but his days as a starter for a full season are definitely coming to an end.




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