By Eric Schmidt

Former University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow might not have landed a quarterback job in the NFL in 2013, but he will be gainfully employed in 2014. And as no surprise, he lands with the sports network which pimped his name during his remarkable run with the Denver Broncos like no one else. ESPN.

Tebow was shipped out of Denver, spent some time with the New York Jets and tried to land with the New England Patriots this past preseason, a team with the former head coach that drafted him. Josh McDaniels was the head coach of the Denver Broncos and moved back into the later part of the first-round in order to draft him for the Broncos.

It is not surprising that ESPN has drafted Tebow to become an analyst on their up and coming SEC channel next season. He is without a doubt, one of the most polarizing players in sports in the last two decades. Haters will tune in just to send hateful messages to Tebow while supporters will tune in to ask why he isn’t with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Successful pregame shows have hosts that have opinions. I can’t see Tebow becoming one of those type of analysts. He’s been such a benign player in his career when he was in the NFL when addressing the media. I really don’t see him becoming a serious, hardcore analyst.

Tebow’s television career starts on January 6, 2014 during the National Championship game. Somewhere, Skip Bayless had a warm tingle run up his leg, knowing that his savior will be on board with the worldwide leader in sports. Yes, the same network which aired competitive cup stacking and dominoes.





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