By Eric Schmidt

The NFL Championship games are in the books and the only thing dominating sports media this Monday is Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman and his post game comments to Fox sideline reporter Erin Andrews. Well, get over it America. I support Sherman, and the media is blowing this ridiculous incident out of control because of a lackluster set of games on Sunday. Period.

In sports, everyone loves to root against a villain. Now, the nation can hate upon Richard Sherman. He’s evil. He’s so evil, he’ll be the villain in the next James Bond movie. He’s an egomaniac. He’s controversial. Who is he to speak his mind like that when with the frail Erin Andrews?

Sit down folks, it’s time for a dose of reality. Richard Sherman did not beat up on Erin Andrews. AND, if she couldn’t handle the sideline reporting duties in the NFC Championship game, I’m sure Pam Oliver would have beaten her with a crutch in order to get that interview. Andrews is a joke as a reporter and I’m sure many at Fox regret paying her huge money to woo her away from ESPN.

Richard Sherman is a thug. Please. He has a reputation after calling out Skip Bayless? He should be applauded for that.  He won an appeal for Adderal testing? Is this not a country of innocent until proven guilty? Unless that applies to sports.

Is he an egomaniac? Of course he is. I don’t blame him, his record speaks for itself. Three years in, he has 20 interceptions, four forced fumbles and 57 passes defensed. He made $465,000 this year in the third year of his rookie contract. With the CBA, Sherman cannot renegotiate until after next season.

Outside of quarterbacks, shutdown corners such as Sherman are the biggest egomaniacs in the game. They play a solitary position, faced up against the best receiver on every opposing team for 16 weeks, often playing against the best quarterbacks in the league. Darrelle Revis didn’t have an attitude? Nnamdi Asomugha? Let’s go old school, Deion Sanders didn’t have an ego? Please. If Deion had had access to social media when he played, he would make Richard Sherman look like a Mennonite.

And please, for those that were outraged about Sherman’s post-game comments, get over it. The media would have loved it if Peyton Manning had come out after the Broncos game and gone off on Tom Brady, but Sherman’s comments, a totally different story.

What is being glossed over in Sherman’s comments is the fact of the deep history between Michael Crabtree and Sherman. CBS Sports is finally reporting that Crabtree reportedly wanted to fight Sherman last offseason during a charity basketball event.

In this day and age where million upon millions of people watch scripted “reality” television, it’s fascinating to see outrage over a player speaking his mind just moments after winning a conference championship game. It was unbridled, raw, comment. It was refreshing. I enjoyed the hell out of it and I’m rooting for the Seattle Seahawks to win this years Super Bowl. I picked them to win it all in August, and I am still with them.

In the words of the Eagles, to all of you offended by his comments, “get over it”.




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