By Eric Schmidt

Here comes a controversial news story, which happens to leak out on Media Day for Super Bowl XLVIII. Players from Northwestern University have reportedly taken steps in order to unionize while being recognized as employees of the university. According to ESPN, Ramogi Huma, who is reportedly the head of the National College Players Association, has filed paperwork with the National Labor Relations Board, while being backed by the United Steelworkers Union. Hmm.

Where is Northwestern located? Chicago. Where does the current progressive president in the White House have a home, who loves labor unions? Chicago. is reporting that the NFLPA, under the leadership of DeMaurice Smith is all behind this initiative. Back in 2011, DeMaurice Smith was outed as being tight with Attorney General Eric Holder as well as the President of the United States. PFT owner Mike Florio is getting a woody just thinking about the idea of unions and I’m sure many of his friends over at MSNBC will agree.

This is exactly what college sports needs-unionization. Wasn’t the on-going discussion about college sports about simply paying the players? Now we are discussing unionization? Please.

This is just another money grab in sports. This is at the college level, just as players that really had no history of concussion symptoms got involved in class action lawsuit last year from the NFL.

Unions are exactly how we are going to fix college sports. If the long-standing, losing Northwestern Wildcats feel froggy, jump into the mix. Forget about the BCS and a playoff in college football discussion, this is the way every conflict in every sport in college athletics will be solved. Unions. Sarcasm.

I’ve read that President Obama is supposed to speak about the high cost of college tuition this evening in the State of the Union Address. Creating a sports union won’t add any additional cost to tuition. Not at all.

On sports talk this afternoon, I heard the same tired argument about, “look how much the schools are making selling player’s jerseys and the players aren’t being reimbursed for their work on the field.” Bullshit. Many of the large schools are able to subsidize a multiple of other athletic programs simply because of their successful, lucrative football programs.

Players in football and basketball make the jump early to get into the professional ranks. There is a microscopic amount of players that will advance from the NCAA ranks to the pros in any game, period. Now they need to be unionized? Minimum wage? Healthcare? Wait a minute, kids are covered under their parent’s care in Obamacare until they are 26. A lot of these scholarship kids don’t have parents that can afford that, who is paying for that plan?

Let’s just blow this entire system up. Division I, II and III. Every student athlete becomes a member of the new student athletic union. Progressives will love the idea. Thousands of new potential voters, receiving handouts, while never thinking of the cost or where the money to pay for this idea might come from.

The cost is going to come from the increased cost of an already out of control college tuition. If this is the wave of the future, it will be the end of college sports as we know it within a decade since the non-athlete students are going to have to fork over more money in order to attend school and subsidize the athletes.





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