By Eric Schmidt

As a disclaimer, I have been a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan since the creation of the team in 1976. Last month, the franchise announced a new look helmet, with former Tampa DT Warren Sapp and current DT Gerald McCoy premiering the helmet on the NFL Network. It was announced at that time that on March 5, the team would unveil their new uniforms for the 2014 season. The team hit twitter and other social media outlets this morning and released images of what the new Buccaneers unis will look like. And all I can say is I’m stunned. Uniform03_03_14_2_a

This is the third uniform change for the Bucs franchise. When they broke into the league, they had a helmet adorned with a pirate holding a knife in his teeth and had team colors that everyone quickly associated with Creamsicles because of the orange coloring.

The second change came in 1997, when the Buccaneers burst onto the scene with a radical change in team colors and logo. A red pirate flag on a pewter helmet while wearing red jerseys and pewter pants. I really liked the look. No other sports franchise uses the color pewter, so it’s unique.

However, after seeing the uniforms unveiled this morning, I want to get sick. I didn’t like the new look helmet. The oversized flag looks cartoonish. Now the uniforms are even worse. Many comments on social media seem to overwhelmingly agree with my first opinion. Judge for yourself. Photo from and Nike.





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