By Eric Schmidt

Get used to it Cleveland Browns fans. Johnny Manziel and lots of drama. 24-7. The Browns are just a few days into camp and already out come the stories regarding Manziel and whether or not he’s being handled correctly. Handled correctly? Excuse me? Can money boy simply go out on the field and win the starting job over Brian Hoyer? Why must he be handled?

Was Andrew Luck “handled”? Russell Wilson? Tom Brady?

ESPN’s Dan Graziano wrote a piece on Wednesday illustrating some front office issues in Cleveland. Well, what else is new? The piece revolves around Browns general manager Ray Farmer and his comments on 92.5 The Fan in Cleveland. After Manziel’s second practice with the full team, Farmer told radio hosts that Brian Hoyer was the team’s better quarterback “by a substantial margin”. And these comments drew criticism why? Hoyer has 6 years in the league. He has actually started NFL games, he has had to learn a playbook.

I do not like Maziel. I don’t like his attitude. I don’t like his game. He was a dynamic college quarterback but he’ll learn that he’s not playing the college game any longer. His legs will only carry him so far in the NFL. He has a small frame and he’ll take a beating in this league. See Michael Vick.

I watched the NFL Draft. I saw the cameras on Johnny Football as he agonizingly dropped through the first-round. Then as soon as he was selected, here came the cocky player, rubbing his fingers together as he walked across the stage. Son, you haven’t played one snap of professional football.

I do agree with Graziano on the state of the Browns franchise. You have an owner who makes knee jerk decisions. Head coach Rob Chudzinski was given a raw deal last year. I’d challenge any head coach to win more than 4 games with the stable of quarterbacks the Browns rolled out last season, other than Hoyer, who eventually was lost for the season.

But exactly why does Johnny Football deserve special treatment? Why can’t he simply go out on the field and actually win the starting job rather than have it handed to him? Farmer and head coach Mike Pettine have their work cut out for them.

Manziel deserves this treatment. His ego needs to be kicked down a notch. It’s one thing to play with a chip on your shoulder, but it’s quite another to play as if you believe you are the greatest without ever accomplishing anything to date. The quarterback with more nicknames and rap songs than NFL touchdown passes needs to learn some humility. It might take until week one of the NFL season if he gets the starting nod in Pittsburgh.

Welcome to the Big Time kid.




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  1. avatar Brim

    I myself also think that Johnny should win the job on his own… Has he received any special treatment while in Cleveland? No, Manziel has been quiet and has basically gone from his home to the facility everyday to go to work. The media has totally upped the drama on their own and made something out of nothing. The media, including yourself need to take a step back and watch things play out.

    • avatar Gary

      Which is exactly what happened while at Texas A&M. Media created drama where none existed. Typical. But let’s face it, Johnny is the most exciting player a lot of us have ever seen. That attracts the “gnats” like Schmidt.

  2. avatar jjman9

    Thanks for the biased report about nothing at all

  3. avatar Jim Jeter

    Ed, get a dog….you are in the wrong business. Brown’s…Playoffs…
    Johnny….soon…..all you know about the kid is what you have read. Grow up. Once again johnny has said nothing but the right thing and his teammates are all weighing in well about him. I will be glad to serve you some crow before this season out. Hater gonna Hate.

  4. avatar dbsw52

    How is any of this Johnny’s fault? He’s been quite humble in his comments to the media, and never asks for special treatment from anyone. His lone sin is giving the cash out sign to Cleveland fans as he walked on the draft stage who were giving it to him first. He interacted with Cleveland fans – what a terrible guy.

  5. avatar Jake Mansfield

    Horrible article. You make it sound as if JM has created this hype. He hasn’t — idiots in the media like you have. Why? Because it gives you a sense of purpose. You’re the one who creates the hype, and then you’re able to write another crappy piece criticizing that hype when you’re the one who created it in the first place. So you don’t like Johnny. Big deal. But let me get this straight: Jameis Winston rapes kids — GOOD. Johnny Manziel rubs his fingers together and is cocky — BAD. Eric, why are you for raping children?

  6. avatar aghooligan

    Johnny nailed your girl didn’t he?

  7. avatar Greg

    You not only do not understand football you don’t understand what is actually going on in Cleveland either.

    You don’t like Manziel’s “game”? Which part exactly?

    Has Johnny asked for special treatment? Is he having press conferences demanding the starting job? Do his teammates despise him?

    Or is he quietly trying to win the job and fit in with the team while idiots like you grind an axe?

    Good grief. Get a new hobby.

  8. avatar Randy

    See all the above.

  9. avatar SteveD

    Typical, typical, typical. You take everything media related swirling around the guy, and you impart all of that on him, as if he were the one controlling all of that. Where did Manziel come in demanding to be named starter from day one? All I heard him say was that he was going to have to earn his place just like anyone else. What else have you seen from him that commands this kind of vitriol? Do you not understand that 90% of what you have seen and heard about this guy is ALL MEDIA DRIVEN!!??? He hasn’t been arrested for drugs…he hasn’t been implicated in sexual assault (yes I’m looking toward Tallahassee when I say that)…he hasn’t been charged with assault (like half the players in Baton Rouge it seems). He admittedly lives an uptown lifestyle, has money and enjoys it. There is no law against that, and most everything else written about him is media hype…period! When you have something substantial to “dislike” the guy for other than what the Darren Rovel’s of the world are feeding you, get back with us!!!

  10. avatar MikeB

    Eric you are a clown & a sh*tty journalist…

    You should be working @ mcdonalds

  11. avatar AgiJud

    What an idiot!
    JFF brought new life and the catalyst we needed to take Kyle Field to the next level and, beginning this year, it will be the biggest stadium in the SEC…AND IT WILL BE FULL, even without Johnny. He will do the same thing in Cleveland for a sucky franchise. He has done nothing but work his butt off and interact with the fans, but you only write about him because no one would find your article buried online because no one does a Google search on YOUR NAME, but we are all still Googling Johnny Frickin Football regularly. Is that because he’s a schmuck who can’t play football and is demanding a starting job based on hype, or is that because we ALL want to see him continue to progress and learn and turn another program around.
    I’m excited about Cleveland fans having something to be excited about. Had many people even seen Hoyer’s name prior to him being in competition with Johnny? Nope!
    Johnny = Media = Excitement = Money!
    (Just ask Jerry “Idiot” Jones who missed a HUGE opportunity in Dallas because Romo obviously has something hanging over Jerry’s head.)
    Johnny…love him or shut up!

  12. avatar Jack

    Eric, you’re a dumb@$$

  13. avatar J Smith

    Unlike you, Johnny Manziel is a class act.
    Have you ever heard him bad mouth anyone, no because that is not what he does. Unlike what the media has made him out to be, he is hardworking and loves to win.

    I have no clue who you are, but I would bet you are jealous of his accomplishments. The only drama has been created by so called journalists like you.

  14. avatar Jarrad

    I hope the writer (wouldn’t call you a journalist) has a backup job. I hear McDonald’s has a good starting hourly wage after the strike.

    • avatar Johnnie

      You sir are a parasite. You are using Johnny to your benefit. Embarrassing article.

  15. avatar F Caspar Gomez

    “I do not like Maziel. I don’t like his attitude. I don’t like his game.”

    That’s really all you needed to say. The rest of your rant is pure garbage.

  16. avatar Troy

    Ha ha ha. Only story here is how badly the writer is getting destroyed for such a ridiculously terrible “article”. These comments have restored a little bit of my faith in humanity.


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