By Eric Schmidt

The New England Patriots walked away with a 28-24 victory in Super Bowl XLIX over the Seattle Seahawks Sunday evening. Once again, in the Belichick/Brady era, another Super Bowl decided by 4 points or less. This victory however, had less to do with the Patriots offense, and more to do with horrific play calling by the Seattle Seahawks.

The decision to throw the football with 30 seconds remaining on the one yard line after RB Marshawn Lynch had been gashing the Patriots defense in the second half will go down in Super Bowl history. Seattle was just three feet from becoming one of the very few teams to ever go back-to-back victors in the big game, but instead come out of Arizona looking ridiculous.

Why you call a slant play on the one-yard line with a pass intended for WR Ricardo Lockette with 26 seconds and a timeout remaining is just mind blowing. Lockette had just 11 receptions for 195 yards during the 2014 regular season.

Many people I spoke with over the last two weeks thought that the Seahawks were just lucky to be in the position to play in the Super Bowl. I believed that they were a better team and should have won this game.

Minutes after the game, social media erupted with Patriots and Michigan fans wanting to anoint Tom Brady as the greatest quarterback of all time. Sit back for a moment homers. Yes, Brady played well, despite his runny nose. He did nothing spectacular in this game. He was 26 seconds away from another Super Bowl loss. This wasn’t a Joe Montana moment. Some of my younger readers will have to Google who he is. He’s not just some creepy guy that makes cameos on Papa Johns pizza commercials.

Seattle head coach Pete Carroll owns up to the play call on the goal line, but I think it’s outrageous. 26 seconds with one time out remaining, Marshawn Lynch in the backfield. What the hell are you thinking?

There is no doubt that this outcome is going to be debated all this week and beyond. This is one of the things that makes this sport so engaging. It’s a 20 week season, 16 regular season games, so everything is magnified, and then amplified in the post-season.

Could-A, Would-A, Should-A. Seattle should have won Super Bowl XLIX, but they didn’t. Hats off to the Patriots, but to the pundits and fans crowning Tom Brady as the best ever quarterback? Step back. Brady had nothing to do with the last drive of the game.

Yes, he played well, he got a second MVP trophy as well, but he was not the difference maker in this game. The Patriots came away with a win. However, anyone with any semblance of knowledge of the game of football realizes that they were very lucky to come away with a win. Kudos to Brady and Belichick.






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