By Eric Schmidt

Well, we have finally reached the apex of a professional football fan’s life. Actual football, that counts, begins again tonight. As I’m certain as it was for many of you, it was another long summer of trying to find something to watch to fill the ever present void at the end of the Super Bowl. I found some solace in watching the Stanley Cup playoffs for a while. Women’s World Cup Soccer was a nice distraction but by the time August rolled around I was ready for some football.

I’m tired of all the offseason BS that has surrounded the game this year and I am ready to put toe to leather and get this party started.

I’ve scoured the Internet and read what all the experts have predicted as their Super Bowl matchup. I’ve correctly predicted the Super Bowl winner three of the last five years and had Green Bay and the Patriots playing in the big game last year. Green Bay was about 8 minutes away from making that happen.

You can read my NFC previews and AFC previews right here.

So, lets get down to business. Who gets in the post-season tourney and who is going to be hoisting the Lombardi in Levi Stadium for Super Bowl 50. And, no, I wasn’t lazy, the NFL is not using Roman numerals this year to designate the Super Bowl. I guess they didn’t want fans buying hats walking around with large L’s on their hats.

Let’s start with the NFC playoff seeding-

1-Green Bay Packers– Some talking heads have been mulling over the loss of WR Jordy Nelson this preseason. Green Bay recovers well from the injury bug. Simply look at what they went through in their Super Bowl run in 2010. QB Aaron Rodgers is at the top of his game.

2-Philadelphia Eagles– Head coach Chip Kelly has been under fire for his player moves this offseason, but this offense was spot on this preseason. It is a fantasy football player’s dream.

3. Seattle Seahawks– If the Seahawks don’t get a deal done with S Kam Chancellor soon, his absence is going to be missed for than most casual fans realize.

4. New Orleans Saints– Someone has to win the dreadful NFC South. I’ll hand it over to the best, and most experienced quarterback in the league.


5. Arizona Cardinals– Bruce Arians making a strong push once again in 2015.

6. St. Louis Rams– Key to the game in this day and age is to put pressure on the opposing quarterback, the Rams have one, if not the best, defensive lines in the game.

Now the AFC playoff seeding-

1. Indianapolis Colts– A limp sponge of a schedule with one of the rising superstars in the league under center.

2. Denver Broncos– I believe a lot of people are going to surprised this season as the Broncos turn over to a run first offense with one of the best defensive units in the league this season.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers– Do you remember Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin?

4. New England Patriots– Let the hate begin from the bastions of the Patriots fans. Blah, blah, blah.

5. Miami Dolphins–  If they miss the playoffs this season, Miami needs to fire Joe Philbin.

6. Cincinnati Bengals– And once again, they sneak into post-season play and exit quickly.


Playoff matchups


Pittsburgh over Cincinnati 27-19

New England over Miami 31-20

Divisional Round-

New England over Indianapolis 37-30

Pittsburgh over Denver 26-23

AFC Championship game-

Pittsburgh over New England 26-23 The Steelers win at home by a ground and pound game plan in nasty weather.


St. Louis over the Seattle Seahawks- 24-20

Arizona over the New Orleans Saints 26-19

Divisional Round-

Green Bay over St. Louis 30-19

Philadelphia over Arizona 33-23

NFC Championship game-

Green Bay over Philadelphia 34-29

Super Bowl 50-

Green Bay 37 Pittsburgh 34

I’m going way out on a limb here because I’ve not seen another prediction for the Steelers to reach the Super Bowl, but I do that from time to time.







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