By Eric Schmidt

ESPN, the self proclaimed worldwide leader in sports has endured a rough patch in recent months. On air suspensions of personalities, defections and firings of hosts. When I was a teenager, ESPN was THE source for sports news. In recent years, the “sports” network has become way too political, just like the Weather Channel and my remote doesn’t seem to land on their channel quite as much as it did in years past unless they are broadcasting an actual game I want to watch.

What I wish to address here is what the “worldwide leader” posts on their website. In their weekly column, Monday NFL preview, which is basically a daily column recapping significant news regarding NFL teams by the respective beat writers, no one seemed to fact check anything. This is today’s offering from Mike Rodak, who seems as if he wrote his piece before knowing the outcome of Sunday’s Bengals game. Facts are pesky things.

Buffalo Bills: The Bills were able to squeak out a comeback win in Nashville, but there’s little chance they can afford another slow start when they host the 4-1 Bengals next weekend. The Bills might not get LeSean McCoy or Karlos Williams back this week, so fixing their offense will need to be a priority in the meantime. Sammy Watkins‘ possible return will be a big help. — Mike Rodak

Umm, the Cincinnati Bengals have been one of the bigger stories in the NFL so far this season and won Sunday, improving their record to 5-0, not 4-1. Sorry Mike Rodak, #EpicFail.

How about an #EpicFail to the fact checkers and editors that are supposed to doing their actual jobs?

But hey, in this day and age where we hand out trophies to kids that just show up to play little league games, I guess we shouldn’t be critical of Mike or the staff at the worldwide leader. After all, he was trying his best, and if pesky facts get in the way, well then, the effort was worth it and should be rewarded. Let’s see how long it takes until this is corrected.

Worldwide leader? Maybe three decades ago. Today? A political shill and a joke.




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