By Eric Schmidt

The Arizona Cardinals have logged their fifth win of the regular season this evening over the Baltimore Ravens, winding up the final game of the seventh week of the NFL regular season. Arizona failed to cover the 10 point spread and that is where we will start this week’s rants and reaction column.

The Cardinals are 5-2 and remain in first place in the NFC West but I wonder for how much longer they remain in first. After the first five weeks of the regular season, pundits were pointing out the high scoring offense of the Cardinals. They scored 31, 48, 47 and 42 points in wins against the Saints, Bears, 49ers and Lions in their first four wins. They have lost games to the Rams and Steelers and struggled tonight against a Ravens team at home that has virtually no one to catch passes from Joe Flacco. As of right now, I like the Rams chances to win this division currently. The Rams have already defeated Arizona and Seattle.

Speaking of division chances, the Dallas Cowboys entered Sunday’s late game 7-0 against NFC East opponents on the road since 2013 and 5-0 versus the Giants in their last five meetings. QB Matt Cassel did not extend the streak and the NFC East still remains a jumbled mess. I stand by my prediction a few weeks ago that 9 wins will take that division at the end of the season. A weak nod is given to the Giants currently.

In regards of the NFC East, Sam Bradford no longer gets a pass from me, he simply sucks in this Eagles offense. Meanwhile, the Washington Redskins, under the leadership of Kirk Cousins, had their largest comeback in franchise history, 1100+ games on Sunday.

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is still on pace for a 70 sack season. Interesting for a run-centric offensive team with a mobile quarterback. Perhaps they would like their center back and trade Jimmy Graham back to New Orleans.

I expected a letdown this week from the Miami Dolphins after naming Dan Campbell interim head coach. I was wrong. I was wrong about 20 minutes into the game as Lamar Miller ran for 85 yards rushing for a score then caught a pass a scored a 50 yard touchdown, becoming the first NFL player ever to do that in one quarter of play. This Thursday night’s game between Miami and New England could be interesting, most of the mid-week games are snoozefests.

Atlanta Falcons RB Devonta Freeman is still burning it up on the gridiron. He leads the NFL in rushing with 621 yards and nine scores. Odd fact of the day? He has just 2 runs over 20 yards, the longest 25 yards.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB Doug Martin is second in the NFL in rushing yards with 541 yards. He is one on few players I correctly picked early on this season in year long fantasy leagues. Andy Dalton was another, so I’m hanging on in most of my leagues.

On the issue of running backs- I guess Todd Gurley is the exception to the rule of not having to draft a running back in the first round. This man is a beast in the backfield and a must start now every week in DFS leagues.

In regards of DFS leagues- I thought I’d be sneaky this week and start WR Robert Woods from Buffalo. He got me 23.3 points in DraftKings. I also had Philip Rivers, Todd Gurley, Mark Ingram and Devonta Freeman. DeAndre Hopkins killed me as did Charles Clay. I lost one of my leagues to a guy who started Ryan Tannehill, Lamar Miller, Jarvis Landry and the Dolphins defense. Yeah, that was my second choice for this past weekend. I hate homers in fantasy football. Who in their right mind starts Tannehill, Landry, Miller and the Dolphins D all in the same week other than just a total complete homer? And yes, I’m bitter about that move.

Memo to the NFL- I watched the game Sunday morning streaming on Yahoo. I saw a lot of buffering, buffering, buffering and much of the game in a blurry screen. I hope this “experiment” isn’t an experiment for next year’s Thursday night games.

Memo to the NFL Part II- You should have hyped up the late game on Sunday between the Chargers and Raiders as L.A. Bowl I as both teams are competing to join the nation’s second largest television market.

And my rant for this week follows-

I’m not really a big fan of post touchdown celebrations. I can understand doing something in the playoffs or the Super Bowl, but in regular season games, nope. Especially when your team sucks or is getting kicked right in the ball sack. Some examples.

During Week Six, I was watching RedZone and I see Detroit Lions WR’s Lance Moore and Golden Tate jumping up and down in the endzone after scoring a touchdown. Uh, the Lions were 0-5 at that point.

On Sunday, I see Colts WR T.Y. Hilton doing a backflip into the endzone and celebrating as if he just won the game, while being down 27-0 at that point.

As an aside, if I were a coach, that backflip shit would not work on my team. No player on my team would launch themselves into the endzone risking potential injury. Oh gee, didn’t that just happen in Denver? Isn’t Emmanuel Sanders dealing with a shoulder injury?

Then we have Houston Texans DL Jadeveon Clowney who jumped up and did a dance to celebrate his first NFL sack on Sunday after taking Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill to the turf. Problem was, Miami was winning 41-0 at the time.

Patriots QB Tom Brady became the fifth QB to reach the 55,000 passing yardage milestone over the weekend after a 34-54-355-2-0 line after a win against the Jets on Sunday.

San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers is lighting it up right now, he has thrown for 839 yards in his last two games and currently on pace to throw for 5600 yards.

Colts head coach Chuck Pagano should call ex-Hurricanes head coach Al Golden and ask what moving company he recommends. No way Pagano stays after this year. Buccaneers coach Lovie Smith might want to listen in on that phone call as well.








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