By Eric Schmidt

As we approach the mid-season mark in the NFL 2017 regular season, we can can start to see some of the clubs that should start sending some of the scouting team over to college games and start planning for the 2018 NFL Draft. Fans of most all of the 32 NFL franchises come into the start of the season with high expectations, but as we approach Week 8, it’s time for about fans of about 14 of those teams to deal with reality and realize that their favorite teams are at this point, looking towards 2018 behind the scenes.

New York Giants–  1-6. No running game, a receiving corps that was destroyed by injuries in one week. An aging quarterback. I will give the G-men massive credit. They did stop the Seattle offense this afternoon 12 times inside the 20, and many plays inside the 10 at the end of the 1st quarter as the Seahawks had a 9 minute drive and came away with no points. This team hasn’t given up but they have no future this year.

Washington Redskins– 3-2 They have yet to play this week but this team really doesn’t have an identity. They have only scored four more points that they have surrendered on defense. The next five games are against the Eagles, Cowboys, Seahawks, Vikings and Saints. Maybe 2 wins come out of that mix.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers– 2-4 The darling, trendy playoff pick as they were featured on Hard Knocks. I’ve been a Buccaneers fan since 1976, they will be lucky to finish the season with more than 6 wins. The team has the talent to be 5-1 but in reality, they are 2-4 with a rough schedule ahead.

Green Bay Packers- 4-3 The Packers have been in the playoff mix the last few years based on the arm of QB Aaron Rodgers as he was able to overcome a slew of injuries. The team isn’t going to be able to overcome his injury this year.

Detroit Lions- 3-3 Still looking for a running game. I think the last time the Lions had a running back to run for 100 yards in a game was when Bill Clinton was in office. The Lions will be in the mix for a wildcard late into early December, but will fall short.

Arizona Cardinals- 3-4 And about those reports that veteran running back Adrian Peterson was going to rescue the Cardinals season? Peterson had 21 yards on 11 carries. QB Carson Palmer broke his arm this afternoon, he will be out at least 8 weeks according to early reports.

San Francisco 49ers– 0-7 Start scouting quarterbacks.

New York Jets– 3-4 Many pundits and fans thought the Jets were tanking their 2017 regular season, but they have been competitive through 7 weeks, but this team is losing steam. The Jets need a young quarterback to groom.

Miami Dolphins– 4-2 This team is an enigma. There is talent on both sides of the ball but year after year, they fail to live up to expectations due to poor quarterback play. Jay Cutler exited today’s game with a chest injury. Reports this evening suggest he will be out for Miami’s next game on Thursday night. Perhaps doctor’s are having a hard time finding a heart in Cutler’s chest.

Cincinnati Bengals– 2-4 Another failed season, missing the post season, should finally bring some buzz about coaching changes and some decision making about QB Andy Dalton.

Indianapolis Colts– 2-5 This week, the government is going to be releasing documents about the Kennedy assassination. We will learn more about that event that what is actually wrong with Andrew Luck and his shoulder. Had Luck been healthy Week One this year, this is a barren team that deosn’t seem to have direction. Andrew seemed to be the heir apparent to Manning, but can’t seem to stay healthy.

Cleveland Browns– 0-7 The team that thinks they can mirror how the New England Patriots play the NFL draft by stockpiling picks has now missed out on Carson Wentz and DeShawn Watson. Just keep stockpiling those picks until a really talented quarterback comes out of the college ranks.




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