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NFL Rumors: QB Colt McCoy to start for the Washington Redskins Week 8?

Just three seasons ago, many NFL fans believed that the Washington Redskins had the best quarterback situation of any team in the league. A dynamic rookie in Robert Griffin III and Michigan ...


NFL Rumors: Head Coaches on the Hot Seat

Nearly half of the NFL season has come and gone and there are some major disappointments in the NFL ranks to date. Generally after every season, there are about six coaching changes ...

Rapid Response: NFL Week 4

Week Four of the NFL regular season will come to a close later this evening after the Kansas City Chiefs host the New England Patriots. This also marks the end of the ...

NCAA Rumors: Stop the Jim Harbaugh to University of Michigan rumors

Being a University of Michigan football fan has really required some resolve in recent years. The once proud and storied school has really struggled on the field in recent years and perhaps ...

NFL Rumors: Buccaneers QB Mike Glennon to start remaining 13 games?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have already undergone their fair share of injuries in this young season. WR Vincent Jackson is ailing with a wrist injury. LB Mason Foster, DT Gerald McCoy and ...

Tampa Bay Buccaneers out of playoff contention after just three games

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers displayed their new uniforms for a national audience last evening, but they might as well have been wearing the creamsicle colored garb of decades ago, since their play ...

2014 NFL Season: Standings, Playoff and Super Bowl Picks and Predictions

Well football fans, we have finally arrived at the most blessed day of the year. The actual start of the NFL regular season. This past offseason seemed to slide by a little ...

St. Louis Rams claim QB Case Keenum off waivers

Shortly after trading for New England Patriots QB Ryan Mallett, the Houston Texans decided to waive second-year quarterback Case Keenum. The quarterback needy St. Louis Rams quickly swooped in and claimed the ...

Michael Sam not inked to practice squad, media continues to fret

This is the first time since the 2014 NFL Draft I have written any article about Michael Sam. I feel compelled to do so at this point because I am disgusted with ...

The St. Louis Rams must part ways with QB Sam Bradford

For the last five seasons, St. Louis Rams fans have been waiting for quarterback Sam Bradford to realize his breakout season. He starts the 2014 campaign on injured reserve after suffering his ...

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