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Could Miami Dolphins Spell Final Season For HBO Hard Knocks?

When HBO announced that the Miami Dolphins would be the featured NFL team this season for its’ Hard Knocks sports documentary, many wondered why they were selected. Fans knew that they didn’t ...

Miami Dolphins to be featured on 2012 version of HBO’s Hard Knocks

HBO has finally decided on a team to be featured on their cable reality show, Hard Knocks. The Miami Dolphins will be the team which allows cameras into the various aspects of ...

Atlanta Falcons Best Option for HBO Hard Knocks in 2012?

HBO has made an offer to the Atlanta Falcons to star in their latest season of their “Hard Knocks” series, according to multiple reports. No word as to whether or not the ...

New York Jets considering limiting QB Tim Tebow’s exposure

The New York Jets put themselves front and center in the media spotlight after acquiring QB Tim Tebow from the Denver Broncos. Now it appears that the Jets would like the media ...

Why HBO’s Hard Knocks can’t find a team

The HBO series, Hard Knocks is having trouble finding a team which will welcome their cameras into their training camp and there is a really good reason why. The show is a ...

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